Many dreams die because they are shared with the wrong people.

Many dreams die because they are shared with the wrong people.

Many dreams die because they are shared with the wrong people. Remember, others do not see what you see. They cannot completely understand the vision God has given you. Protect your potential by choosing carefully those with whom you share your dreams and aspirations, and by maintaining an environment in which your potential can be fulfilled. To maximize your life you must manage your environment and the quality of the people and resources that influence you. Your greatest responsibility is to yourself, not others.

May you have a blessed 2014

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Inspired to be a great leaders

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May you have a blessed 2014

“A Happy Marriage Is No Accident

“A Happy Marriage Is No Accident

A happy marriage is no accident. As with every other area of life, success in marriage does not happen automatically. The secret to success in any endeavor is planning, and successful planning depends on knowledge. It is only when we have accurate and adequate information that we can plan for success.
Many of us are willing to spend years in school receiving an education that we believe will prepare us for success in our chosen career or profession. We pursue education because education makes us versatile, and versatility increases our marketability. Increased marketability enhances the likelihood of our success. Rather than leave our success to chance, we plan carefully for it. “There was a time when a person entering the labor force at age 18 or 21 spent his or her entire working life with the same employer. Today it is not at all uncommon for workers to change jobs or employers four or five times or more during their careers. The fact that frequent career changes have become the norm in modern society makes education and knowledge even more important to success.
If we are so careful about planning for career success, why aren’t we just as careful about planning for success in marriage? After all, we spend years preparing for a career that may change at any time, yet devote very little time preparing for a relationship that is supposed to last a lifetime. If we are not careful we can end up spending too much time preparing for the wrong things. There is nothing wrong with going to school and getting an education or deliberately planning for success in meeting career goals. The problem is that there are many people who have successful careers but failed marriages because they spent much time learning how to get along with their boss and no time learning how to “get along with their spouse. We invest more in preparation to make a living than to live life effectively. “As with any other endeavor in life, success in marriage depends on information and planning. Marriage is an investment, and success is directly proportional to the amount of knowledge and time invested in it. Success is not a gift, but the result of careful and deliberate preparation. Success is directly related to investment: when you invest in time and passion, you will more-likely succeed.

May you have a blessed 2014

“Vision is the capacity to see beyond what your eyes take in

“Vision is the capacity to see beyond what your eyes take in.

“True leadership is the manifestation of passion generated by a vision that regulates the priority and energy of a leader. The leader possesses the vision. Then the vision possesses the leader. All true visionary leaders possess a sense of destiny.
It is my conviction that leadership without vision is simply management. While the transition from manager to leader may be a natural progression, it is not an automatic promotion. In general, leaders were previously managers, but not all managers will become leaders. Managers maintain well, organize well. Leaders have vision. They make things happen. To visionary leaders, the vision is their reality and is the purpose for their leadership. It is vision that provides the momentum for leadership, and it is the end for which leadership exists. It is vision that gives meaning to leadership. Vision is the heart of leadership and is the measure of effective leadership. Vision is the inspiration of leadership. Vision gives legitimacy to leadership as it gives followers the noble justification for submitting their energies, talents, resources, and dedication to a cause. Vision provides the direction and force for leadership. Leadership begins and ends with vision.

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Happy anniversary to one of the most beautiful and sweetest women I know, my wife, happy 30th anniversary in May the next 30 years be as great as the first, Unconditional love is powerful in the presence of God

Happy anniversary to one of the most beautiful and sweetest women I know, my wife, happy 30th anniversary in May the next 30 years be as great as the first, Unconditional love is powerful in the presence of God

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“Don’t Forget the Little Things In marriage.

“Don’t Forget the Little Things In marriage.

Understanding and practicing general concepts such as marital responsibilities, submission, and communication are key to a happy and successful marriage. As critical as these principles are, however, ultimate success depends also in giving attention to the “little things”—those simple, ongoing, daily courtesies and considerations that enhance communication and add sweetness to a relationship. Because they are simple, the “little things” can be easily overlooked amidst the clamor of more pressing concerns.
In marriage, as in any other endeavor, we cannot afford to underestimate the importance of “little things” to overall success. The Great Wall of China was built one brick at a time. The Great Pyramid on the Giza plateau in Egypt rose up stone by stone. Ignoring little details may lead to serious consequences. As 17th-century English poet George Herbert wrote:

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Missouri: Right-to-Carry Reform Signed into Law

Missouri: Right-to-Carry Reform Signed into Law

Today, Governor Jay Nixon (D) signed into law Senate Bill 75, critical right-to-carry reform legislation. Sponsored by state Senator Dan Brown (R-16) and state Representative Eric Burlison (R-133), this new law seeks to reform Missouri’s existing concealed carry process. Starting January 1, 2014, sheriffs will now be the issuing authority for all concealed carry permits. Additionally, it allows schools to annually teach the NRA Eddie Eagle Gunsafe® Program to help keep children safe.

Many thanks to those state legislators who voted in support of this right-to-carry reform as well as the ability to keep kids safe by educating them on firearm safety. Please contact state Representative Eric Burlison, state Senator Dan Brown and Governor Nixon to express your appreciation for their work and support to enact these critical reforms.

Governor Jay Nixon:

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“Visible position does not equal greater value.

“Visible position does not equal greater value.

“This importance of position is evident throughout life. Let’s use the example of a cell phone to illustrate this truth.
A cell phone has many parts, some visible and some invisible. Among the visible parts of a basic phone are the earpiece and microphone, the key pad, the LCD screen, and the power receptor to plug in your wall charger. Internally, there are wires, a SIM card, a battery, and so on.
If the key pad decides it no longer wants to be a key pad, but prefers to be the LCD screen because it is highly visible, the caller would never reach his party because the phone could not dial the number. Or if the earpiece tries to act like the key pad, the phone would make a call but the caller would not be able to communicate with the other person because the earpiece would not transmit sound. “Like the parts of a phone, each person God creates has a specific place within the overall scheme of His plan for the world. Character, nature, gifts, and position are specially designed to fulfill whatever task God purposed for each individual. Frustration results whenever we try to fulfill a position that we are not designed to occupy because failure to accomplish our God-given tasks is disobedience.

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