“RELATIONSHIP VERSUS RELIGION: Jesus never talk about a religion or domination??

“RELATIONSHIP VERSUS RELIGION: Jesus never talk about a religion or domination??

God is more interested in having daily communion with us than He is in our having “perfect” worship services where everything is exactly “proper” and where all our traditions and rituals are exactly in place. Man wants religion while God wants a relationship. We are easily impressed by religious rituals constructed on the foundation of an improper understanding of God’s eternal purposes. Man seeks to relate to God through the principles of religion while God seeks to relate to man through the mystery of a personal relationship. It is clear that many do not have any real or deep relationship with the Lord because they do not understand the nature or significance of the Kingdom. There was no “worship,” at least, as we know worship, in the Garden of Eden.”

“There were no altars, sacrifices, songs, clapping, dancing, Bibles, hymnbooks, sermons, or prayers—none of this stuff we call “religion.” There was only relationship: Adam and Eve walking and talking with God in perfect fellowship and harmony.
Man fell from this intense passionate relationship with God, and God is seeking to restore man back to the simplicity of the Garden experience. Furthermore, our kingly authority over the earth is something He wants us to exercise and enjoy now, not just some distant day in the future after we have died and gone to heaven.
Kingdom thinking means recognizing that we do not have to resign ourselves to live in poverty, pain, suffering, and trouble “here below” until the Lord rescues us. We can claim and assert now our authority as sons and daughters of the King of the universe. We can experience the victory that is ours as people of the Kingdom.

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