Family Matters with pastor shockley

Family Matters with pastor shockley

Were going to talk about dating and marriage.

1. Stability-a person that’s not stable don’t know who they really are, a person that is not stable can’t bring stability to your home. Children throws everything into second gear, it’s not about you it’s about who’s around you or who’s closet to you.

2. True Worthiness-can you trust the one you are dating. Does that person keep his or her word.? If you can’t trust your other you will always me let down. People can talk all day, pay close attention to what somebody is talking about.

3. Goals? What kind of goals do they have? You have to really make sure that they have something to offer. If a man is dropping you off at work and going back home with no job, get rid of him or her.

4. Does he or she have a job?

5. Family issues. How does he or she treat their parents?

6. Past relationships, find out what happened what happened in the past relationship

7. Living arrangements: do he or she have their own place, of shows you that they can take Care of themselves and is willing to work to make a living.

8. Do they have rituals with their friends, do they push you away for their friends? Is that person number 1?

9. Is it love or is it lust? Don’t go off of feeling or emotions. Reference proverbs 10:22

10. Do you see yourself being a life long partner? God values family and it starts with the two adults in the dating process.

11. Any bad or annoying habits that will cost you in the future?

12. How do they handle their money? Are they good stewards over their finances? You have to have a balance.

13. Respect. Do they have respect for you or your kids?

14. Listen to their life history

15. Date at least 6 months to a year. Take enough time to date a person so you can know who they are and make sure that person can handle

Never tell a person what your looking for in a person, because they will do and live out exactly what you’re looking for. They will put on a performance and become exactly what you looking for. Let them prove themselves.

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Kingdom Builders Events

Every Wednesday night from here to the year’s end we will be meeting at the Overland Park Community Center from 7-8:30pm. We will be calling it Kingdom Empowerment.

November 14th- Kingdom Builders Fellowship Breakfast
Cinzetti’s Restaurant

December 3rd- Speaking from the Heart of a Champion book release

December 4th- Night of Champions
Lees Summit

December 5th- Breakfast of Champions
Fire Mountain Restaurant; Lenexa, KS from 9-11am

Following week- Hope House Outreach

December 12th- 100 Toy Give-Away
From 11am to noon at the Gamber Center

Beginning January 1st 2010 we will meet Sundays from 9-10 at the Overland Park Community Center and from 11-12 in Lees Summit.

January 2010- Men of War Conference
Tim will release book re: Men of War

Last weekend in January- Kid’s Outreach
Explorer Room, Overland Park

First Saturday in February- TShock in Action Basketball Game

March- TShock in Action Banquet

Also in March- Training with TShock: The Road to Weight Loss Every Monday for 1 hour

June/July- TShock Football Camp
8 weeks/10 sessions

First week in August- Back to School Event

September- First Annual kingdom Builders Conference

October- Hope conference

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Move Beyond Tradition

Faced with a deteriorating culture and its own declining influence, the church cannot afford to cling to man made traditions. The Bible, not tradition, must sit in judgment over us. Paul write, see to it that no one takes you captive through the tradition of men (Colossians 2:8). The traditions of men aren’t necessarily God’s traditions. When the Pharisees and scribes asked Jesus why His disciples transgressed the tradition of the elders by failing to do the ceremonial hand washing (Matthew 15:1-2), Jesus answered them with another question: Why do you yourselves transgress the commandment of God for the sake of your tradition? Religious traditions may or may not be good. But what God wants is for us to obey Him and that’s always good. It’s amazing that we will get mad at people if they don’t follow our religious traditions, but we don’t get upset if they disobey the Word of God. In some churches it’s acceptable to live in sin, but you’d better not leave your choir robe at home. Raising money through chicken dinners, choir sings, and special days because that’s the way we’ve always done it is not good enough. (Colossians 2:8) warns us to beware of human traditions. That’s means if what your grandmother taught you is in line with God’s Word, that’s fine. But if it isn’t then follow Paul’s warning and change that tradition. It’s that simple, but you have to know what the Bible says in order to make that decision. We need to ask two questions about every church activity. First, is it biblical? Second, is it effective for ministry? If the answer to the first question is no, the activity may need to be eliminated no matter how popular it might be and no matter how effective it may seem to be. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

God’s alternatives.

Christians who are neither isolationists not conformists, but God’s alternatives. What do alternatives look like? They are on the ship of culture, but they are not of the ship. They understand that the ship is eventually going to sink. But they also understand that their job is to offer the people an alternative to the options of religious legalism or carnal conformity, a way of escape from the judgment coming on the ship, as well as a new way of living while they’re on the ship. God’s alternatives show this sinking world system what God looks like in its midst. Alternatives understand that this present age is under God’s judgment and will be destroyed someday. But an alternative does not stand by and watch while society self-destructs. As God’s alternatives called the church, we are called to show the world what this ship would look like if it sailed under divine direction. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®