The Breakdown of Society

The Breakdown of Society

The Breakdown of Society

When you see a culture that’s deteriorating look closer and you will probably see a people of God who have withdrawn from the culture and turned it over to the unrighteous to rule. Consider: when Christians began abandoning inner-city and urban neighborhoos, taking their skills, resources, and moral influences with them those neighborhoods deteriorated.

When Christians left the public school system, moral values were systematically erased until they became almost illegal to teach. When Christians vacated the media, then a spiritual approach to defining everything we hold dear went with them. When Christians decided they ought to get out of politics then righteous political decisions left with them. These realities are magnified in minority communities one of the beauties of integration is that minorities won the right to live anywhere they want, but one downside has been that much of the expertise and moral consciousness of the minority community left the inner city leaving behind an absence of the models who are desperately needed to give a community vision and stability. God’s people have been called to penetrate society. Don’t get me wrong, evangelism is always first because without forgiveness of sins, anything else we give a person is temporary. We have been called first and foremost to win people to Christ. But having given a person Christ for eternity , we must also give him Christ in history. We must give him hope in time. The absence of righteousness in our culture has everything to do with the absence of God’s people penetrating th culture. When there is no yeast the bread stays flat, and when there is no Christian influence the culture stays flat.

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A Metaphor For America


A Metaphor For America

Restoring The Father- Led Home

Some months ago, an ugly crack appeared in my bedroom wall. I called a painter who replaced the defective plaster and repainted the wall. It looked great. I was happy; he was happy. I paid him, and he left. But about a month later the crack reappeared, uglier than ever. Preachers don’t get mad, but I was somewhat “evangelically ticked off”. I called the painter back and asked him to fix the problem. He apologized and expressed surprise that the problem had recurred so quickly, he redid the work and everything was fine- for about forty-five days. But then the crack came back, only this time it brought its aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews at this point I concluded that I need a new painter. I called another professional to come and fix my problem for good. This man looked at my wall and shocked me by saying, “I’m sorry sir I cant help you with your problem because you don’t have a problem with cracks in your wall.” Well I looked at the cracks in my walls then I looked at the “crackpot”, telling me my problem wasn’t cracks in my wall. I said, “Excuse me, but I can see a crack, you can see a crack in fact all God’s children can see a crack.” “oh yes, he replied, you have a crack, but that’s not your problem, it just reflects a much deeper problem. Your problem is a shifting foundation. Until you stabilize your foundation you will forever be repairing cracks on your wall.

That’s a metaphor for America. The condition of American Society today, we can see cracks everywhere; social cracks, political cracks, moral cracks, even cocaine cracks. But until we stabilize the foundation, no number of programs, government grants, or elections will be able to repair the cracks in our cultural walls. There is no place where the foundation of America needs to be stabilized more than in the home.

The breakdown of the family is the single greatest contributor to the deterioration of our country. Strong families hold the key to a strong society, while conversely, weak families lead to a weak society. This is so because every other institution in society is predicated on and dependent upon strong families and you cant have strong families without God at their foundation. No wonder Satan didn’t bother Adam until her got married. Satan knew that in order to shut down God’s program of expanding his Kingdom on earth, he would have to destroy the institution at the foundation of that program; namely the family. We can’t talk about the role of Christians in affecting society without talking about the family. As Christians we need to help others, if our families are a mess, we don’t need to be exporting that into the culture.

As a husband and a father as well as a Pastor, I am convinced that the responsibility of building Godly homes lies at the feet of the man. This is not to discount a women’s importance and input. But God has placed men at the head of their families, and I don’t know of any greater task or any more risky business that to be a man holding the responsibility of leading a home. Look at what we are up against. What used to be considered rather unusual not too many years ago a family without a father is now a crisis of growing proportions. The reality in our culture today is that a staggering number of children are growing up in single-parent homes. The vast majority of which are fatherless. In 1970, for example only 13 percent of children grew up without both parents at home. But, today that member is at least 30 percent in the culture at large. For African-American children, the percentage more than doubles to 63 percent.

We’re talking about millions of children growing up in homes where in most cases they will know little or nothing of a father’s influence. I know that mothers are deserting their families today too, but the numbers are still heavily weighted toward missing fathers.

In fact, We’re told that half of all American children will go through at least some part of their lives without having a father at home. And the future doesn’t look any brighter. By the year 2010; it is predicted that 70 percent of black children will be products of single-parent (mostly fatherless) homes.

The implications of this are staggering in terms of the world we have to live in and minister to. This is not theoretical for me.

I want to address primarily fathers and husbands as we look at how Christians can strengthen America by stabilizing their own homes in the foundation of God’s word. It used to be alot simpler
than it is today. At one time our culture shared a basic understanding about what it meant to be a father and a husband. But the role of man has been radically redefined, leaving behind a whole generation of boys and men who aren’t clear about what it means to be a man, let alone how to go about leading a home. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

Compensation of love

Compensation of love

Another payoff for fellowship is that people fall so deeply in love with Jesus that they can’t keep him to themselves. We preachers are always pounding the pulpit to urge God’s people to witness. get out there and witness. Share your faith with someone this week. Tell someone at work about Jesus. It’s your responsibility to witness for Christ. But just telling people to witness will never do the job. The secret to witnessing is not a sermon, but falling in love with the savior. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®



Why I like to be around Christians who are excited about Christ. I want some of their fire to warm me. I want their excitement to become my excitement, their joy to be my joy. You say, that sounds like what I need, pastor tim. I don’t have any joy in my Christian life. Then find some joyful Christians and begin to fellowship with them. Do you need peace in your heart? Have fellowship with another Christian who knows what peace is all about. Is your faith not very strong? Find a group of Christians who know what it is to trust God, and let their fire light your faith. This is what discipleship is all about. This is what fellowship does. It pays huge dividends. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

The content of Worship

The content of Worship

In Psalm 34:1, the psalmist wrote, I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.” That’s the kind of worship God wants from you and me. He wants us to put worship in our mouths as often and with as much delight as we put food in our mouths. In fact, our desire to worship should be like our drive to eat. If the need for food goes unmet, we feel pain. When we go for an extended time without eating, the body shrinks-which is not all bad for some of us! But when we go for an extended time without worshiping and we shrink spiritually, that’s a disaster. The reason this is true is that we are made to worship. God created you and me for Himself. When we are not fulfilling that drive, or when we are using that drive to worship something or someone other than God, we shrink and become spiritually anemic. The writer of Hebrews said, “Let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God” (13:15). Worship is not a place or an event. It’s an orientation to life. God is seeking those who will worship Him. Don’t misunderstand that. God is not just seeking worship. He has plenty of worship. Angels worship Him. Nature worship Him. The animals worship Him. But He is seeking people to worship Him. Why? Because God wants to see how many of the creatures He made in His image will voluntarily worship Him continually, the way His heavenly creation and the unconscious earthly creation worship Him. You can’t follow Jesus Christ without developing a lifestyle of worship. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®